The clinical history combined with parathyroid hormone levels will reveal the cause of hypocalcaemia in the majority of cases

vitamin D deficiency (osteomalacia)
chronic renal failure
hypoparathyroidism (e.g. post thyroid/parathyroid surgery)
pseudohypoparathyroidism (target cells insensitive to PTH)
rhabdomyolysis (initial stages)
magnesium deficiency (due to end organ PTH resistance)
massive blood transfusion

Acute pancreatitis may also cause hypocalcaemia. Contamination of blood samples with EDTA may also give falsely low calcium levels

acute management of severe hypocalcaemia is with intravenous replacement. The preferred method is with intravenous calcium gluconate, 10ml of 10% solution over 10 minutes
intravenous calcium chloride is more likely to cause local irritation
ECG monitoring is recommended
further management depends on the underlying cause

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