Acute Template


  • A brief definition of the condition

Epidemiology (optional)


  • The symptoms the patient will usually present with


  • Important history points that the patient may not readily volunteer (e.g. past medical history, travel history, sexual history, etc)

Vital signs / observations

  • HR, BP, RR, SpO2, temp


  • What you might expect to find on examination

Bedside tests

  • e.g. ECG, ABG, VBG, PEFR, urine dipstick

Laboratory investigations

  • Recommended relevant blood tests
  • Describe the expected abnormality / rationale for investigation

Radiological investigations

  • Similarly, explaining the rationale and expected findings


Immediate management

  • Urgent / first-line therapies

Second line

  • Should there be an inadequate response to initial management

Ongoing management

  • Describe care for the patient's hospital stay
  • May include indications for stepping down therapy

Prior to discharge

  • eg education / medication review

Follow up

  • Monitoring blood tests, imaging or clinic follow up
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