Green Cannula

Welcome to Green Cannula!

This is the infancy stages of what we hope will be something incredible!

What is Green Cannula?

Medicine is a fast-moving profession. While textbooks are great for learning, they move too slowly to be of use in a clinical setting, with many becoming out of date before they're even published.

Clinical guidelines are great, but no-one has time to a 97 page osteoporosis guideline from NICE.

During my clinical practice, what I've always wanted was a constantly updated source, covering every subject, which I could look at to give myself a starting point if I found myself needing guidance.

I'm sure, that like me, you've found yourself turning to Wikipedia as your first port of call for diseases you don't know anything about. Wikipedia is great, but it isn't written with clinical practice in mind.

So this is the answer! Lean, fast-moving, always up-to-date information, with none of the extortionate fees of other online services.

Our goals

To create a freely accessible, freely editable medical encyclopaedia, which provides practical guidance to medical students and junior doctors.

We're aiming to go live on September 1st 2017, ready for the new academic year.

What can you do?

This is going to require a phenomenal communal effort to be a success, so we'd like to thank you in advance for your contribution, no matter how big or small.

We want this project to be something that everyone who contributes can be proud of. If you see a mistake, please correct it! If you find an article hasn't been written yet, why not write it?

Best of all, you can join our team!

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